Life is too short not to feel amazing every day!


I am passionate about creating a world where we all feel amazing and pursue our own, unique dreams. I believe we are more successful and satisfied when we do so. I believe food & listening to our souls have the power to get us there.

Here’s why. Warning, the backstory is not pretty.

In 2011, my body stopped working.

I woke up dead tired every day. My bones literally ached.

My stomach cramped. Even though I tried to get to bed at a reasonable time, between work and my head not shutting off I lived on 5 hours of sleep a night for years.

Work was suffering. Exhausted, I got tongue tied before my VP and flubbed up a big meeting. My long-term, thought he was the one, relationship had ended which was the right thing but extremely stressful. I snapped at my family and cried often, though they were trying to help.

I was afraid I was pushing them away when I needed them most.

Behind my smart, hardworking exterior, I was burnt out and deeply unsatisfied, having ignored body and soul for years. I couldn’t do my life the way it was anymore. And I had no idea how to change it.

I didn’t know it but I had symptoms of adrenal fatigue, induced by stress and exacerbated by coffee and sugar. I was fried and it was clouding my brain, exhausting me and preventing my body from healing from a serious kidney infection which nearly killed me on a trip to Brazil.

A marathoner, I was barely able to walk. PCO returned. Everything was out of control. I went to countless doctors and just kept getting worse. Turned out I needed surgery to remove a blockage.

Overwhelmed and on edge, I had nightmares of never being able to run again, of loosing my job and ending up alone. No one understood.

So I took matters into my own hands. In a good way.

I focused on healing my body through nutrition and regaining sleep. Then I learned to listen to myself, my soul and act from a place of wisdom.

My body healed. I felt light and at peace, like dancing. I was able to eat. I woke up energized.

More importantly, my perspective and way of living shifted. My head got clear, visionary. I started making changes to build what I believed in, like dinner clubs, painting and yoga. In my corporate job, I was more productive and launching a $40 MM revolutionary business. Best of all, I slowed down and took weekends to sit in the park savoring life with someone special. Connection was what my soul craved.

If you’re struggling with similar symptoms of exhaustion, pain, recurrent illness or lack of healing and soul dissatisfaction, know that you are not alone.

Deep healing & satisfaction is possible. I can help.

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About Adelma

Adelma is professional wellness coach, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Prior to founding this company, she was in brand management on Dove. She holds a BA from Barnard and an MBA from Yale. A serious health issue in 2011 caused her to focus on what she loves, which is helping others feel amazing. She is currently writing a book, called Savor.

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